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Dear Friends,

Living will, advance directive, power of attorney...these terms can be confusing, but it is important that everyone understands them.

Big Bend Hospice is encouraging all adults over the age of 18 to communicate their end-of-life care wishes to family and health care providers. Having discussions about dying wishes is hard, but making medical decisions for someone without their input is even harder.

You might wonder why this is recommended for someone who isn’t terminally ill, frail, or elderly. As situations like Terri Schiavo’s vividly revealed to us a few years ago, having an advance directive can be valuable for all adults, regardless of age or health status. These documents can be created relatively easily, without a lawyer, and for free.

Often times, people believe their families know their care wishes, but they do not. It is best to document care wishes while everyone is healthy and thinking clearly. Accidents and serious illness can occur at any time.

We are hoping many more people in our community will have thoughtful conversations,
about their health care decisions and complete reliable advance directives to make their wishes known. By taking the time now to complete your “Five Wishes” pamphlet and having the conversation with those who will assist in following through with those “wishes,” fewer families and health care providers will have to struggle with making difficult health care decisions in the absence of guidance from the patient. We encourage you to make these important planning decisions at this time.

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