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Blair Davis, My Hospice Journey

Last fall, I walked out of my Monday morning class with my mind racing. Our professor had instructed us that as part of the class grade, we were to spend at least one hour a week volunteering with an organization we were unfamiliar with. Coffee in hand, I sat down on a bench outside of Doak Campbell Stadium and began frantically researching potential volunteer opportunities on my laptop. My first thoughts were to pick up the phone and contact either the animal shelter (since I am an avid animal lover) or to find a local organization where I could work with or teach children. However, as I was scrolling, I came across Big Bend Hospice’s website. Being from Cairo, Ga, I was somewhat familiar with BBH, and the more I read about it, the more my interest was piqued. Before long, I was in touch with the volunteer department where a brief interview was set up to give me more information regarding the duties and requirements expected of volunteers. Two TB tests, one background check, and an orientation later, I was officially a part of the Big Bend Hospice community.  In a matter of a few weeks, I went from a curious citizen to a highly involved volunteer who took pride in helping patients and their families.           

Through these past six months at Hospice, I have been quick to learn a very important lesson: I am more than a volunteer. I, along with the others who give their time to this organization, represent one of the most caring and dedicated groups of people in North Florida. Whether we are 20 or 65, we are all united by our willingness to aid our neighbors in one of the most trying stages of life. Through BBH, I am able to serve those who need it most. Whether I’m doing something as simple as holding the hand of an elderly woman who is drifting off to sleep or singing a song to calm someone who is restless, there is always an opportunity for me to brighten someone’s spirit or lend a helping hand. Not only that, but being able to provide a peace of mind to a patient’s family by assuring them that their relative is in the hands of someone who genuinely and passionately cares about their wellbeing is a rewarding feeling in and of itself. I am so thankful for my time as a volunteer here and I look forward to my continued service for the remainder of my time in Tallahassee.