Dealing with Grief during the Holidays

During the holidays, the added stress and memories can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here are some tips from our Bereavement Department to help you deal with grief.

  • Find ways to remember your loved one. Light a candle, hang their stocking, whatever helps you to feel close to them.
  • Be sure to make time for yourself. Self care and knowing your limits is vital. Be sure to get enough sleep, food and exercise.
  • It’s OK to say “no.”  With so much going on during this season, don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s OK to say no to social obligations.
  • Stay flexible and ask others to be flexible as well. Don’t cause yourself extra stress if plans need to change.
  • It’s OK to change some traditions. If a holiday tradition causes you stress or pain, talk with your family and find a new way to celebrate.  
  • Helping others helps you. Knowing you have made some else’s day better can make your day easier as well.
  • Be aware of your feelings and don’t be afraid to express them. Grief can resurface during the holidays. It’s normal. Talk to your loved ones, let them know what you are going through.
  • Ask for support. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones for help if you are struggling.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol. It can increase the stress of the season.
  • Communicate clearly. It is important to share your needs or plans with your loved ones. 
  • Do something you enjoy. If you are feeling overwhelmed, go for a walk, make a coffee date with a friend, watch a movie with your pet, whatever you like to do for fun.