Hospice Hero: Nelle Carter ‘Coco’ Bunn

How one family’s gift brings joy for years to come

Her name was Nelle Carter Bunn, but no one called her that. She was known as Coco, a name her grandson gave her when he was just a tot, and it stuck.

Coco was the kind of person no one forgets. Her daughter describes her as the “ultimate southern matriarch” and a “stick of dynamite wrapped in velvet.” Coco was also a community servant, and she was passionate about hospice.

Thanks to a generous gift from her family, Coco’s legacy of service lives on at Big Bend Hospice.

When Coco died following a stroke in 2016, her daughter, Susan Woodham, wanted to do something for the community to honor her mother.

“That’s been a part of our family’s life, that you always do something within the community to celebrate that person,” she said. “Hospice had been such a comfort to us for both of our parents that we decided we’d like to do something here.”

Today, when families at Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House need a moment of solitude, they visit the garden, where water trickles from a fountain built in Coco’s memory.

The family’s gift will also send five children to Camp-Woe-Be-Gone, an annual grief support program, next year.

Knowing that Coco is still making a difference is a tremendous feeling for her daughter. And what would Coco say? “She would be thrilled with the whole thing,” Woodham said.



Camp-Woe-Be-Gone is an annual support program for children who are grieving the loss of a loved one. These are the smiles that your gifts make possible!