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Spotlight on Earlene Knight, Big Bend Hospice Valor Volunteer

Earlene, affectionately called “Coach” by friends and family  grew up in a very small town in Georgia named Funston and has been a volunteering with Big Bend hospice since 2012. Coach had a best friend die of metastatic breast cancer while she was living with her and says “Had it not been for Hospice, I would not have made it”. Coach had been volunteering in several capacities at first but it wasn’t until she joined the Valor Team did she feel complete in her service to BBH patients. Her most memorable experience hands downs was the very first time she participated in a Valor Ceremony. Coach says “before becoming a volunteer I thought that everything had to be very serious and could not be changed but one of the most important lessons I learned was that sometimes the activity you participate in needs some comic relief!”

Coach says she’s not sure that her views on living and dying have changed very much since joining the Big Bend Hospice volunteer team due to the fact that she’s had her affairs in order for many years but she would encourage anyone who has not done so yet to get a Five Wishes booklet and fill it out. She says “ if you do not make your wishes known to your family, you have to accept whatever they decide on your behalf” Coach wants you to know that if you are thinking about volunteering “you are probably the kind of person that is needed. We are not all vigil volunteers and we are not all fishing buddies. We all bring our individual talents to the table”

If you're interested in serving like Earlene, sign-up to volunteer at: https://www.bigbendhospice.org/volunteer or call the volunteer department for more info: 878-5310

Pictured Earlene Knight at The 2018 “Real-Life Heroes” Volunteer Appreciation Celebration