Thank you veterans

The Transitions Valor Program

Transitions provide many services to clients. One particular service, is our Valor Ceremonies that we provide to any Veteran client to honor their time in service. Our honor ceremonies are coordinated by our Veteran Liaison and are conducted by our trained Volunteers on our Valor Team. Many of our Volunteers are Veterans themselves. Our Valor program services would not be possible without our dedicated Valor Team and through donations and support from our Big Bend community.

                  Another service our Valor Program provides is “Vet-to-Vet” visits. This is a one-to-one companionship home or facility visit to aid Veterans’ with a means of discussing unresolved or underlying grief they may have endured during their time in service. This is service is particularly of benefit to combat Veterans and allowing them to discuss what they went through with another Veteran who may be better equipped in empathizing with our Veteran clients and what they have overcome. This is also another opportunity in identifying additional needs allowing the Transition team in developing a better quality of care with potential resources.

Our Veteran Liaison conducts home and facility visits with our clients that have been identified by our Social Workers and are interested in learning more about what our Valor Program can provide. During these home and facility visits the Veteran Liaison will explain in detail about our Valor Ceremonies and Vet-to-Vet visits. There is also when the Veteran Liaison will discuss any concerns or interests in receiving Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits such as assisting with requesting a copy of the Veteran’s DD-214, referring clients to their appointed VA representative, and community resources available to Veterans.

                  Our veterans have served with honor; it is now our turn to serve them with honor.