End-of-Year Gift

“I wishyou could have known my brave boy Marshal.”

“Marshal passed away in May at Big Bend Hospice’s Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House after a long fight with cancer. The doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and aides who took care of him became our extended family.”

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Please join me in making a tax-deductible gift to Big Bend Hospice.

When Hospice says, ‘Count on us to be there for you,’ they mean it. Even though Marshal has passed on, Hospice is still with me. I see a counselor there once a week, and our social worker calls to check on me. Big Bend Hospice was there for my family, and they’ll be there for yours, too, but right now, Hospice needs us. 





Please know that any size gift will make a difference, but $250 underwrites a month of in-home art therapy, which brought Marshal so much joy. I know he’d be pleased to see this service continue for other families!

Betsy Fisher,
Marshal’s mom