Your Gifts At Work

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Charitable donations made to the Big Bend Hospice Foundation have helped many patients and families.

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The Power of your Gift

The following programs would not exist, but for your community support:

The Caring Tree program:

is designed to meet the unique needs of grieving children and teens.

  • $50 provides one session of counseling
  • $100 sends one child to Camp or Teen Woe-Be-Gone
  • $136 provides a professional or community educational presentation on grief - related issues
  • $500 provides one memorial event or Service of Remembrance

Music Therapy:

offers prescribed use of music by trained professionals to attain specific therapeutic goals.

  • $47 covers supplies for a music therapist visit, including music, instruments and travel
  • $100 pays for a music therapist to serve at a Service of Remembrance
  • $207 provides two weeks of music therapy care for a patient at Margaret Z. Dozier House
  • $497 provides one month of music therapy care for a patient in their home

Special Patient Needs Fund

when emergiencies arise, your contributions meet the need.

  • $50 provides a phone card for a family to communicate with loved ones out of state
  • $100 purchases one week's worth of groceries for a family that has lost its income
  • $250 enables a family to keep its power on for an additional month
  • $525 purchases holiday meals for 15 patients and their families as they celebrate

Charity Care

You make it possible for us to provide hospice care to patients unable to pay for it through other means.

  • $75 covers the cost of one month of medical supplies for a hospice patient
  • $125 underwrites the cost of two weeks of medication for the average hospice patient
  • $250 underwrites the cost of one month of medications for the average hospice patient
  • 660 covers the cost of one day of skilled inpatient care at the Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House

There are a numbers of ways that you can give to the Big Bend Hospice Foundation. Contact us at 850-878-5310 for more information.