Faith Outreach

Preparing& educating faith leaders.

Big Bend Hospice works to bring the entire faith community together around the importance of hospice care.

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We’re a Proud Partner with Community Faith Leaders

As a continued effort to increase relationships with spiritual leaders and the lay community, Big Bend Hospice created the Office of Faith Outreach. During a time of need, people often rely on their faith, no matter the religion, nor a person’s level of spirituality. Preparing and educating faith leaders about hospice care, creates an unbroken circle and helps to better serve individuals with questions about the end-of-life.

Big Bend Hospice hosts two luncheons, and two half-day retreats each year for clergy professionals and congregational leaders to discuss spiritually related topics centered on healthcare, hospice care, and how to best serve congregations and the community.   

If you are a clergy professional or congregational leader, and would like to request a presentation, or attend a scheduled faith centric event, please contact the Big Bend Hospice Director of Faith Outreach at 850-878-5310.