Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House

Welcometo the house that love built.

Big Bend Hospice is the only hospice in the region with an inpatient care facility.

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The Margaret Z. Dozier Hospice House has a home-like environment with twelve individually furnished bedrooms with a private bathroom, open spaces for families to gather, and a beautiful private garden. 

The majority of hospice care patients desire to receive home care, though care can be provided in a long term care facility, assisted living facility or in a hospital.  If the level of medical need changes, and families find that the patient needs more medical oversight than what can be provided at the patient’s primary place of care, the patient may be brought to our Hospice House for short term crisis care.  The House is staffed by RN’s 24 hours a day with medical supervision being provided by the patient’s own physician and our Hospice Medical Directors. 

Hospice House Admission Criteria

Once a patient has been admitted to Big Bend Hospice, they are eligible for the Hospice House regardless of where they are located in our service area. If the need arises, the Hospice nurse will work with the family to determine when a Hospice House placement is needed.

Hospice House might be appropriate for a patient if:

  • Pain is not controlled and needs aggressive treatment.
  • There is a complicated delivery of medications requiring the oversight of an RN.
  • There is a need for frequent evaluation by a physician or nurse.
  • Medications frequently need adjustment.
  • There is a sudden physical deterioration requiring intensive nursing interventions.
  • The patient is experiencing uncontrolled nausea.
  • Experiences respiratory distress which becomes unmanageable.
  • They need complex wound care.
  • They require frequent repositioning that requires more than one staff member.
  • The patient’s caregiver needs to be taught complex medications, treatments, etc., when transitioning between hospital and home, nursing home, or assisted living facility.
  • Their caregiver can no longer provide for their needs at home.