hospice care

Is Hospiceright for me?

Big Bend Hospice is here to remove your fear of the unknown, and guide you through the difficulties of dealing with a life limiting illness.

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Take a moment to complete the survey below, and allow our trained team of certified clinicians to determine if hospice is right for you.

Tell us about yourself.

Have you or your loved one...

Been hospitalized or in and out of the emergency room several times in the past six months?

Had to make more frequent phone calls to your doctor?

Been taking more medication to control physical pain?

Been spending most of the day in a chair or bed?

Fallen several times in the past six months?

Needed assistance from others with the following:


Started feeling weaker or more tired?

If you would like Big Bend Hospice to provide an evaluation of your or loved one's appropriateness for hospice care, please submit this form now and you will be contacted by a Hospice referral specialist.